Buyer Services

F or most people, purchasing a home is the single most important purchase of their lives. So it is imperative that they should get an experienced agent to guide and represent them in the buying process.

Our full-time licensed Purchaser Specialist Bowen Ma is available to assist you through the buying process.

While it is possible to find a home on your own, the assistance of a real estate agent can be a real benefit to you; not only in terms of knowledge and experience, but also through ready access to home listings and market information.

With Bill Thom at RE/MAX Realtron Realty Inc., you will get the highest level of service as you search for your "dream home" 

Bill Thom will take you through the following steps of the buying process:


Qualification: Help you establish what you can afford and help you identify your price range.

Buyer Agency: Explain the importance and benefits of working with only one but experienced full-time and dedicated real estate agent.

Financing: If necessary, help you arrange for pre-approved financing with various financial institutions.

Needs and Wants: Help you establish the list of needs (must have features) and the list of wants (would also like to have type features). (Note: Most buyers always want more than what they can afford).

Market Update: Inform you of the current market conditions as you search for your dream home.

Offer Presentation: Assist you with aspects of your Offer to Purchase and its presentation to Vendor.

Home Inspection: If necessary, help you arrange for reputable and qualified home inspector to do detailed inspection of the home that you have just purchased.

Closing: Assist you with details involved in closing the sale (i.e. lawyers, movers, cleaners, various sub-trades such as painters, contractors, etc., if necessary).

Buyer's Costs


Legal Fees: Typically is around $1,000.00 plus disbursements. A Real Estate lawyer can provide you with details.

Disbursements: Include City Tax Certificate, City Zoning Reports, City Engineering Report, Sheriff's Certificate Registry Office searches, deeds registration, mortgage registration, copies, postage, long distance calls, courier fees, etc.

Land Transfer Tax (LTT)


Survey: If no up-to-date survey is available, a new one will cost approximately $1,000. Fees for larger and recreational properties vary. Individual quotes are required.

Title Insurance: Most lawyers will accept Title Insurance in lieu of the actual survey. Title Insurance cost is about $500 - $750.

Adjustments: Money owned due to pre-payment of taxes, hydro, gas, fuel oil, etc.

Home Inspection: Will cost between approximately $500 to $750.

Arranging the Mortgage: Usually an appraisal fee of about $200. plus an administration fee of about $200. - $300. An up-to-date survey may also be necessary. Some institutions may waive fees.

The Move: May vary depending on your choice of movers (i.e. professional movers or packing yourself).