Open House - Who is it really for?


In this day and age of the internet, virtual tour and social media, the need for open houses is down right unnecessary and inefficient.

So why are there still so many open houses out there?

Below are just some of the reasons why agents are still actively promoting them. They are doing them for none other than self-promotion/interest reasons.

  • The agents get to meet the NOSY NEIGHBOURS who are mostly potential future sellers. They do not benefit the sellers!
  • The agents get to meet lots of UNQUALIFIED BUYERS who are potential buyers of other homes other than the subject property. Again, they do not benefit the sellers!
  • SAFETY ISSUES - having potentially a few families with children in the house at the same time can be dangerous in terms of personal safety and property safety. Who is liable?
  • LACK OF QUALITY SHOWINGS - Open house in a multiple families present scenario will invariably result in poor or minimal quality of showings compared to a one-on-one by Appointment Only showing!
  • HOME SECURITY - potential for theft and/or subsequent home break-in or invasion. Who is liable?
  • INCONVENIENCE TO SELLERS - practically homeless during weekends for hours for the agent to turn the home into their office to meet unqualified strangers.
  • LITTERED/TOPPLED OPEN HOUSE SIGNS often time over nights (for self promotion, this sure does not benefit the seller) on street corners and traffic islands creating hazardous conditions for children, pedestrians and motorists! Who is liable?
  • WHO IS REALLY DOING THE OPEN HOUSE? Is it the agent who you hired or other "lesser agent" who may not know your house all that well?

Now imagine the day when open houses are banned by the Toronto Real Estate Board or the Ministry due to safety, security and liability concerns.

I am absolutely certain houses will still be SOLD except in a safer, respectful and more accountable way!